Port boat trip Zeebrugge combined with Seafront

Explore Seafront, the maritime museum in the heart of Zeebrugge.

In the heart of Zeebrugge you will find the maritime museum Seafront, housed in the historic buildings of the Old Fish Market. Step inside and get acquainted with the road the fresh fish has travelled from the North Sea to your plate. Feel the mysterious attraction of the sea in the exhibition "Fishstories" and join the search for the unique characters behind the scenes of fishing.

Time for history

Step back in time with the exhibitions on WWI and WWII and discover the impact of these world fires on Zeebrugge.

New from 8 June 2019: operation 1944-45 - 75 years of liberation

In this brand new exhibition you will experience the last contractions of WW II, and this from the first line. You will learn how the war was waged at sea and what role Belgian sailors played in it. Experience the despair just before and the euphoria just after the liberation. Discover the numerous war wrecks at the bottom of the North Sea. Take part in 'Operation North Sea 1944-45' yourself.